David & Camren with their stunt doubles.

— Why, after everything that I’ve done, did you still have faith in me?
— I just do, Selina… No matter what, I believe that deep down, you’re a really good person. (Catwoman V3, #001)

by Joe Jusko

by Paul Renaud

I don’t know exactly how it’s going to develop. I think that’s up to Bruno and Danny, ‘cause we’re only on episode 4 at the moment, filming. I’m looking forward to that. But I do know that, I feel like she’s intrigued by him, because they have a similarity. Neither of them have their parents, so it’s interesting for her because she’s never had someone that she’s had anything in common with. —Camren Bicondova

A complete take of the Batman mythos without the character for me was sacrilegious. You’ve gotta have her, because she has a delicious greyness to her that helps define who Batman is. She keeps wavering on this line of, ‘Is she a good guy or a bad guy?’ Well, she’s kind of neither. And that’s why, to me, that relationship and that character only enhances the universe - and the Batman character. - Jonathan Nolan

Excited to see my character come to life this fall on @FOXTV @Gotham #Gotham #SelinaKyle #grateful - Camren Bicondova (x)

by Dudedoom

David Mazouz & Camren Bicondova @ the GOTHAM Tastemaker Screening event at iPic Theatre. (more pics)