Batman: Gotham Adventures #50

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In other media: Batman


Artist: D. Sams

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by Joe Jusko

insanitylivesagain asked:
What were your thoughts on The Widening Gyre (if you've read it that is) ?

Hi there! Alas, I have. It reads like a bad ’70s B movie and everything made sense when I bumped on this Kevin Smith interview where he said he wrote it while high. If you asked me the same question after my first reading of it I’d say everyone should steer clear of it, but it could have that “so bad that it’s good” quality for some, so maybe it’s worth the read? After a couple of vodkas.

At least we got this out of it~

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Catwoman (2008) #82

that’s a little inconsistent, you say, with my image as a bad girl. the kindness doesn’t mesh with the cruelty. how can i be nasty and nice? you just can’t figure me out?

what can i say? i’m a cat.


New Batman shirt up for grabs!

A minimal version of the awesome panel in Hush where Batman and Catwoman kiss.

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