Catwoman (2008) #82

that’s a little inconsistent, you say, with my image as a bad girl. the kindness doesn’t mesh with the cruelty. how can i be nasty and nice? you just can’t figure me out?

what can i say? i’m a cat.


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A minimal version of the awesome panel in Hush where Batman and Catwoman kiss.

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Don’t push me away

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50 Shades of Wayne by Stjepan Sejic

by Paul Renaud

I don’t know exactly how it’s going to develop. I think that’s up to Bruno and Danny, ‘cause we’re only on episode 4 at the moment, filming. I’m looking forward to that. But I do know that, I feel like she’s intrigued by him, because they have a similarity. Neither of them have their parents, so it’s interesting for her because she’s never had someone that she’s had anything in common with. —Camren Bicondova

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my precious

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