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Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz with fellow GOTHAM cast members at Warner Bros. Television Photo Studio at ComicCon on Friday July 25, 2014.



Lines and flats by Pryce14, colours by Paris Alleyne

Paris threw some colours on my Batman piece. Impromptu Collab!


Photobombing the Batman 1 by Serge Birault

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Batman ‘66 | #2

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I guess I'm tired of wearing masks
Batman Returns


I am Catwoman...hear me roar.
Batman Returns


i would love to live with you in your castle forever, just like in a fairy tale. i just couldn’t live with myself.  

The one thing I always knew about my mother was that she always loved me. And I just give her tremendous credit for being able to, throughout our lives, let me know that she always loved me and it was always unconditional. - Kitt Shapiro